Drilling SOlutions - Well heads and Completion Tools

Meex International sources API Integral and welded Heavy weight drill pipes, drill stem components, Composite filter screens, Mud pumps, stimulation chemicals, drilling fluids, cementing chemicals and other additives.

Well Heads

  • Casing Heads 
  • Intermediate Spool.
  • Tubning Heads,Spools and Head adapters.
  • Casing Hangers. 
  • Tubing Hangers.
  • Christmas Trees.
  • Drill Collars,Integral and Heavy Weight Drill Pipe.
  • Integral Spiral Blade Stablizers.
  • Well Head Components: Tees,Crosses,Seal Subs.
  • Valve Removal Plugs,Flow Tees,Goat Heads,Bottom Hole Test Adapters.

Well Completion Tools

  • Stage Cementing Tool 
  • Hydraulic Liner Hanger.
  • Hydraulic Liner Hanger Packer.
  • Sliding Sleeve. 
  • Swellable Packer 
  • Christmas Trees.
  • .

Drilling SOlutions - Well Completion Screens

PMC - Precise Micro Pore Composite Screen

  • Precise micro pore composite screen is an upgraded technology of intered 
  • premium screen and unwoven metal fiber screen.
  • PMC screen applies multi layers of stainless  steel meshes  as filter media with strong inner supporting shroud and outer protective shroud to ensure high integral sterngth and high reliability. 

PPS - Precise Punched Slot Screen

  • Precise punched slot screen is an upgraded technology of slotted liner ,wire wrapped screen ,suitable for coarse grain formation and horizontal open hole.
  • PPS  has more reliable sand contorl performance and higher oil productivity than conventional slotted wire and wire wrapped screen.

Drilling Solutions - Chemicals

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Stimulation Chemicals - LCF

  • Advanced stimulation chemicals is applied  to low pressure wells(Pressure Coefficient <1.00) 
  • This fluid  is made of macromolecule materials and known as loss control fluid.
  • Technical Features : Medium level viscosity ,excellent solid carrying capability.Safe and environment friendly and easy to be mixed and handled.
  • Specifications : Density 1.00g/cm cube to 1.03 g/cm cube
  •                              Visosity 30 mPa.s - 100 mPa.s
  •                              Temperature - Atmoshperic temperature 140 C
  •                              Stability : 30 Days
  • Application Conditions : Meets teh working condition for completions, testing , work over in low pressure wells (Pressure Coefficient 1.0)

Drilling Fluid Chemicals

  • High temperature anti brine drilling fluid.
  • Natural macromolecule drilling fluid.
  • Sylvite drilling fluid.
  • Silicate drilling fluid.
  • Polysulfonate drilling fluid.
  • Oil based mud and other additives.

Cementing  Chemicals

  • Conventional cement slurry 1.85 - 1.90 g/cm cube.
  • Low density cement slurry - 1.55 - 1.70 g/cm cube.
  • Ultra light density cement slurry - 1.20 - 1.55 g/cm cube.
  • Foam cement slurry - 2.30 - 2.60 g/cm cube.
  • Metallic cement slurry (MTC).
  • Latex cement slurry .
  • Anti brine cement slurry .
  • Ultra fine cement slurry .
  • Fiber cement slurry .
  • Low temperature early strength cement slurry .

Drilling Solutions - Quadraplex Mud pumps

Quadro mud pumps presents numerous advantages over conventional triplex pumps - its light weight ,compact construction,1597 gpm flow rate ,smooth discharge ,low vibration for telemetry ,quick fluid module replacement and fully assembled.

Quadro mud pumps  has 30% greater flow and pressure rates than its predecessor and is raising the bar on performance int teh industry.

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