FLow control Solutions

MeeX International caters a series of standard engineered valves to various industries where reliability is a must. We provide valves which can sustain high cycles, high temperatures, High pressure and extreme conditions. Each valve is tested, cycled fully and verified for any leakage applicable to industrial API6D, CE,TS, ANSI ,ISO9001:2000, IS014001,ISO18001,JIS,DIN and GB standards with material of CS,SS,AS and special alloy

Our Valves are mainly used in Petroleum sector – Oil & Gas Subsea, Refining, Production, Topside, cryogenic usages.

Ball Valves

  • Top entry ball valve.
  • End entry ball valve.
  • Floating ball valve.
  • Metal seated ball valve.
  • Cryogenic ball valve.
  • Three way ball valve.
  • Wedge ball valve.
  • Wafer ball valve.
  • Flanged trunnion mounted ball valve.


Actuators are frequently used as mechanism to introduce motion or to clamp an object so as to prevent motion. Plasma actuators operating at the atmospheric conditions are promising for flow control, mainly their physical properties, such as the induced body force by a strong electric field and generation of heat during an electric arc.


  • Piston type hydro- pneumatic accumulator can meet diverse need of many industries with a standard or custom design.
  • Series of the products:
  • Econolator Series
  • 3000 PSI MAWP Series.
  • 5000 PSI MAWP Series.
  • 10,000 PSI MAWP Series.
  • Custom Design Series.
  • Bladder Type Accumulators.
  • Open Top Bladder Accumulators.


  Materials :

  • Carbon steel 316,304() ,321,347 Stainless
  • Chrome Molybdenum.
  • Galavanized 
  • Low Temperature(LF2) 
  • High Yield (A7070) 
  • Others as Specified.

  Flange Specifications:

  • ASTM
  • JIS
  • MSS
  • API
  • DIN
  • British
  • Military ,Coast Guard
  • Many other specs met

  Types of Flanges:

  • Weld neck,Slip on
  • Lap joint, Socket Weld
  • Blind,Spectacle blind
  • Paddle blind
  • Spacers,Reducers
  • Expander,Adapter
  • Split
  • Orfice and many more


  • Bellow Couplings - 15 to 10,000 Nm 
  • Torque Limiters - 0.1 to 160,000 Nm 
  • Line Shafts - 10 to 4,000 Nm
  • Miniature Couplings - 0.5 to 10 Nm
  • Elastomer Couplings - 2 to 2,200 Nm 
  • Linear Couplings - 70 to 2,000 Nm
  • Boss Lock Type F Adapters
  • Boss Lock Type C Couplers
  • Boss Lock Type D Couplers
  • Boss Lock Type B Couplers
  • Polypropylene Adapters
  • Notch Cam and Groove
  • Reducing Cam and Groove Couplings
  • Spool Adapters
  • Hydraulic high pressure hoses
  • Rubber industrial hoses
  • Drilling and production hoses
  • Light weight composite hoses
  • Nylon thread reinforced braided hoses
  • Pneumatic hoses


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MeeX International caters a series of standard engineered valves to various industries where...
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